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Soft,BreathabilityComfortable,Wearable·HighlyTearResistantNodeformationDon'truboffEnvironmental&harmlessColoruniformity​Simple·Fashionhigh-densitygreycloth NodeformationComfortable& wearableSuitablefo
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Highly Tear Resistant

No deformation

Don't rub off

Environmental & harmless

Color uniformity​






Suitable for middle and high grade clothing

High-density Grey Cloth

high-density grey cloth

 No deformation

Comfortable & wearable


The company also sincerely invite talents to join us, and seek common development.


Yiming Weaving

A privately operated sole-source investment enterprise

We adheres to the business idea of "honesty, innovation, diligence, harmony"

The annual output of high-grade fabric is 38 million meters.


Professional Efficient